Vegan & Gluten-free Cannabis Edible Making Kits

8 Pieces Per Kit
6 - 60 + Milligrams Per Piece
A$0.22 Average Price Per Milligram

How It Works

The Marijuana Group’s vegan and gluten-free Cannabis edible making kits provide a health-conscious alternative to consuming dry herb. In the comfort of home you can use an edible making kit to cook up specifically dosed low sugar content infused edibles with zero prior experience!

Step 1. Infuse


Step 2. Cook


Step 3. Enjoy

Bowl of edibles

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Whats In The Box?

Create A Personalized Health-conscious Cannabis Edibles Experience Today

Every Cannabis edible making kit from The Marijuana Group allows for a customized experience, regardless of your prior cooking knowledge or tolerance levels. Every box contains the necessary cooking instructions, dosage recommendations, coking utensils, ingredients and herbal extraction supplies for cooking homemade vegan and gluten-free edibles. 

Do It Yourself Weed Edibles Kits