Written by Jadeo February, 2019

Cannabis has been a long enjoyed accompaniment to sensuality and connection. Our team has been sussing out the best valentines gifts in the cannabis space exclusively for JADEO readers. Read on to discover our top 5 Valentines Gifts to enhance this year’s celebration of love in the Valentine’s Day Canna Gift Guide

It’s a tricky time for edibles in advance of legalization, but while we wait for the legal framework to open up the market, we can still enjoy cannabis edibles if we create them ourselves.

This Do it Yourself Cannabis Edibles Box is a gift you may have never dreamed existed but could be the perfect fit for that special someone who loves to get creative in the kitchen or is passionate about edibles. Each box contains cooking instructions, dosing recommendations, cooking utensils, ingredients, and THC/CBD extraction supplies necessary for cooking homemade vegan and gluten-free edibles.

The recipes you receive are meant to make cooking with cannabis “as easy as buttering bread.” Mmm! The box includes everything you need to get started, just add the recommended amount of legally purchased dried Cannabis to the recipe.

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Valentine’s Day Canna-Gift Guide. (2019, February). Retrieved February 15, 2019, from https://jadeo.co/SIG/Cannabis-and-Accessories/valentines-day-canna-gift-guide

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