A Stoner's Thoughts on Edible Legalization in Canada

September 27th, 2019     By The Marijuana Group & Chronic Crafter

 “If it’s legal, then let them sell edibles right away. Why do you have to make everybody wait?” – Chronic Crafter (Sept, 2019)

On October 17th, 2018 the Canadian Federal government implemented the Cannabis act, legalizing the use of recreational Cannabis across the country. This monumental stepping stone in a positive direction has created a flourishing community of Cannabis users however thoughts on edible legalization in Canada are mixed. We finally have the capability to enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD without having to look over our shoulder. With legalization 1.0, Canadians were given access to products such as dried / fresh Cannabis, pre-rolled joints, seeds for home cultivation and various spray-based oils.

"But What About Edibles?"

The legalization of recreational weed shows that we are one step closer to breaking down the negative stigmas present within our beautifully budding community however, the road to logical legislation is quite unclear. After endless complaints from the community, it became clear that proactive change is necessary. In June 2019, Health Canada released  200+ pages of concrete regulations, detailing how we can get our hands on some edibles!

Edible Legalization in Canada​

Exactly 1 year later, on October 17th, 2019 legalization 2.0 will come into affect, but what does that mean for us? 

In Chronic Crafter’s video she shares her thoughts about legalization 2.0 and whats in store for the future of Canadians. She brings up various concerning points regarding the THC content of legal edibles and the trash they will produce, “Each cookie will only be 10 milligrams. For someone who needs to eat 3, 4 , 5, 6 cookies to get a nice dose for themselves to get high, then thats going to be so much garbage!”. 

Check out Chronic Crafter’s video above to learn about whats in store for the future of edible consumption in Canada. If you want some tasty edibles right and don’t want to wait, The Marijuana Group’s Edibles Kit’s got you covered. Cook up 8 specifically dosed vegan and gluten-free edibles in the comfort of home, just add legally purchased Cannabis!

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