Best Strains For Cannabis Edibles

March 27th, 2020   By The Marijuana Group

Since the legalization of Cannabis in Canada for medical and recreational uses, the Cannabis community has come a long way. With the new found freedom also comes a lot of choices and tons of products to choose from. Most consumers have steered away from edibles due to their high price points and low THC content, leading to smoking and vaporizing being the main vehicle of consumption. At The Marijuana Group we want to show the community that making edibles is not only a simple process, but one that allows for greater customization and personalization to your specific needs. We asked the question, what are the best strains for Cannabis edibles? Making your own edibles at home is a great alternative to the edibles bought 

3 Different Cannabis Strains

in stores as you have the ability to determine the THC content per piece, know the quality of bud going into your treats and cater the effects of specific strains to your unique desires.

Sativa's or Indica's?

At The Marijuana Group, we understand that there are endless Cannabis strains out there, all with different effects and often selected for very specific reasons. When smoking or vaporizing people like to appreciate the nuanced experiences each has to offer, from the cerebral stimulation offered by most Sativa’s to the drastically different, relaxing of the body that is brought upon by Indica’s. Now with legalization we can see edibles on the shelves that are Indica or Sativa specific but this is often all that is listed. The effects of both types of Cannabis when infused within an edible remains the same, but when making your own edibles you will know exactly what bud is going into your body and have a better indication of how it will make you feel.

Indica strains are generally known to be physically sedating, and great for pain or relaxing with a movie before bed. Sativa’s on the other hand tend to provide an uplifting, invigorating cerebral effect which people associate with physical activity, creative projects and going out. Achieving the desired experience with store-bought edibles can be difficult because of the lack of information known on the Cannabis that was infused and other physical human factors such as tolerance levels, metabolism and body weight. To combat all of the ambiguity The Marijuana Group recommends making your own edibles so you know exactly what’s being consumed.

Best Strains For Cannabis Edibles

There are hundreds of different Cannabis strains available and each one provides a special and unique experience for the consumer. We understand this can be a little bit intimidating or make you feel like a kid in a candy store with endless options. We have gathered some of our group members favorite strains and compiled a list of great strains to include in your next batch of weed edibles!

Blue Dream

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid with its roots traced to California. Blue Dream is a popular choice for lovers of Cannabis edibles on the West Coast. This, of course, is due to the full-body relaxation it offers paired with a gentle cerebral invigoration. It originates from the crossing of the strain Blueberry with Haze. When infused into edibles, the blue dream is a master in euphoria and gives its consumers a sense of happiness, which can’t be demonstrated elsewhere. It is a popular choice for people treating pain, depression and nausea.

It is practically impossible to talk about the best strains for edibles without citing the White Widow due to its popularity. A must-have amongst cannabis users; the White Widow has been around since the 90s. in the coffee shops of The Netherlands with unique potencies, euphoric and peppy properties. Users enjoy this Cannabis strain for its bursts of euphoria and energy which stimulating both conversation and creativity.

White Widow

White Widow Cannabis Bud

Super Lemon Haze

Sativa-dominant Hybrid
Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Bud

Being a sativa-dominant hybrid that mixes Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze the strain has lemony characteristics. With a zesty, citrusy and slightly sweet and tarty taste and smell the strain is ideal for infusion into gummies or sweet treats. The effects of Super Lemon Haze are uniquely energetic and lively. Users will feel overwhelmed with happiness and creativity while fighting stress and depression.

This indica-dominated strain is also very favourable and has been used in a wide array of edibles. Its ability to possess relaxing and sleep dominated components makes it not so popular with lovers of cannabis who have very productive and busy days. The strain is perfect for those people who need a slightly more sedating effects. In addition, the Sky-walker as the name sounds isn’t something you’d want to use if you are headed out for a night out in town. However, it becomes an ideal strain choice if you have a date with your bed or your dealing with pain.


Indica-dominant Hybrid
Skywalker OG Cannabis Bud


Trainwreck Cannabis Bud

If your seeking a strong sativa for your edibles look no further as it will hit you like a freight train! With a rich history ranging from Mexico to Afghanistan to Northern California the strain gives off passing aromas of sweetlemon and spicy pine. Users enjoy infusing Trainwreck into their edibles as a surge of euphoria sweeps the user followed by the feelings of creativity and happiness. Trainwreck is known for its high-THC content and thus is often used to help with migraines, pain, arthritis and PTSD. Another benefit to the plant is that it’s ready to harvest in just 8 weeks.

This strain is a sativa-dominant and known for its moderately high levels of THC being paired with a super tangy tweet flavour and aroma. Originating from the BC Growers Association as a cross between California Orange and Blueberry, Orange Crush is a long-lasting strain. Users often choose Oragne Crush for its stress and depression fighting characteristics as it makes users feel happy and uplifted. 

Orange Crush

Sativa-dominant Hybrid
Orange Crush Cannabis Bud
Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the ideal cannabis strain for your edibles, its important to take your personal needs into consideration. The provided list of strains have been used time and time again by edible consuming lovers so it can act as a great start if your unsure. It is always recommended to start low and go slow with edibles and Cannabis therefor, we also recommend choosing strains with a lower THC content to help avoid unwanted feelings. Cannabis is a special and unique experience for everyone and its benefits are plentiful. What’s your favourite strain and why do you use it?

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