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A health conscious way to consume Cannabis every month. Cook up specifically dosed vegan, gluten-free and  low sugar content edibles in the comfort of home with the Monthly Marijuana Subscription Box

Your next health conscious edible box will ship in​ 

If you are not already a member of The Marijuana Group, you still have time to join. Start your journey by June 1st and your first box will ship along with the groups current members!​

How it Works

Make specifically dosed Cannabis infused edibles in just 3 easy steps!

Begin Cooking

Keep Cooking

Begin your edible adventure with just a few simple clicks. Complete the “Start Your Journey” questionnaire, allowing The Marijuana Group to cater to your specific requirements. For as low as $24.99 / month  select the plan that best suits your lifestyle and budget. 

Your Marijuana Subscription Box will ship on the 4th of each month.  The monthly box comes with all the essentials needed to cook your own specifically dosed Cannabis infused edibles, just add dried Cannabis.

Running out of your healthy homemade Cannabis infused edibles? Not to worry, as The Marijuana Group will continue to send you a new recipe and ingredients every month. Keep on Cooking! 

Whats in the box?

A health conscious Cannabis Infused edible recipe each month

Every monthly box will contain the cooking instructions,
dosing recommendations, cooking utensils, ingredients
and Cannabis extraction supplies necessary for cooking
homemade vegan and gluten-free edibles.

Subscription Box

Why Choose The Marijuana Group?

We are dedicated to providing health conscious Cannabis Solutions to the masses. We believe in providing quality products that save time, money and are personalized to your specific requirements.

Vegan & Gluten-free


We believe in consuming Cannabis in a health conscious way. Our group is free of animal products and gluten, so you can enjoy your experience hesitation free.

Personalized Experience

Cannabis products are not a “one size fits all” type of gig. Every individual is unique and thus The Marijuana Group seeks to provide a unique and personalized Cannabis Experience.

Quick & Simple

We know your time is valuable, and that no one wants a product with a steep learning curve. This is why The Marijuana Group strives to bring speedy and effortless processes to Cannabis consumption.

Select the plan that best suits your lifestyle

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