1 Month Marijuana Subscription Box

$38.99 / month

The Monthly Marijuana Subscription Box is a health-conscious way to consume Cannabis every month. Cook up specifically dosed vegan, gluten-free and low sugar content edibles in the comfort of your own home. Just add dried Cannabis!


Are you tired of wasting hard earned cash on expensive illegal edibles? Have you been concerned about the stigma or health concerns revolving around the combustion or smoking of dried Cannabis? These questions and concerns can now be answered with The Marijuana Groups Do it Yourself Cannabis Edibles Box.

Now you have the ability to make your own health conscious Cannabis edibles right in the comfort of home! All boxes provide you with everything you need to become a gourmet Cannabis infused edibles Chef in no time, just add Cannabis. You no longer need to waste time finding recipes and dosage guides online, our passionate team of experienced Cannabis community members took care of that for you. Are you unsure on how much Cannabis to infuse into your tasty goodies? Not to worry as our group has developed a recommended dosage guide so you know how potent to make your edibles and how much of them to eat! Each recipe received in the Do It Yourself Cannabis Edibles Box has been perfected collectively by our community members to create unique recipes that are always vegan, gluten-free and low sugar content. The ingredients within your box are carefully handpicked and the consumers health is taken into great consideration, we believe in only using the finest ingredients.

Cooking up specifically dosed vegan, gluten-free and low sugar content edibles in the comfort of home with The Marijuana Groups Edibles Box is as easy as 1,2,3 or what we like to say ” Infuse, Cook and Enjoy”. The Marijuana Group’s boxes include everything you need to get started, just add the recommended amount of legally purchased dried Cannabis to the recipe

Every box will contain:
Cooking instructions
Dosing recommendations
Cooking utensils
Health-conscious ingredient
THC/CBD extraction supplies

The Marijuana Group seeks to bring quality and simplistic procedures to the Cannabis Industry. With our box we hope to make cooking with Cannabis as easy as buttering bread. Lets break down the stigmas of the Cannabis Industry together with the Do It Yourself Cannabis Edibles Box

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