The Rice Crispy Kit


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Personalize your edible experience today to achieve uniquely satisfying results! Do It Yourself Rice Crispies Weed Edibles Kit  provides a health-conscious solution for consuming Cannabis. The baking kit makes 8 specifically dosed vegan, gluten-free and low sugar content rice crispy treats. With provided dosing recommendations you can create a unique experience for your personal needs by determining overall potency to the milligram per piece. The kit provides you with everything needed to create your own Cannabis tincture. Your Cannabis tincture will then be mixed into the rice crispies while they cook. In minimal time you’ll be enjoying your healthy weed infused rice crispy treats, just add legally purchased dry herb of your choice!

All Do It Yourself Rice Crispies Weed Edibles Kit are:
Gluten Free
Low Sugar Content

Your Kit will include:
Cooking instructions
Dosing recommendations
Cooking utensils
Baking Ingredients
Cannabis tincture extraction supplies
Square Rice Crispy Mold

*Not for use with Illicit Substances – This product does not contain any THC / CBD *

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